Funding, Philanthropic & Civil Society Organizations

Industry partnership brings best of technical and infrastructure support for the ground implementation. Centre of Excellence invites partnership for such established Industry players and also provides level ground for upcoming technologies by providing required support:

Bilateral & Multilateral Funding Organizations, Philanthropic Organizations/ Trusts/ Foundations, CSOs, NGOs, etc.

  • To fund towards piloting of CoE Technologies for assessment, validation and community benefit.
  • Sponsor research towards development of newer technologies for enhanced water reuse.
  • To Sponsor need-based studies in the emerging areas of concern like the micropollutants, microplastics, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in water & wastewater etc., where India needs base line studies, data collection, bring in standards of testing, monitoring & treatment, current & future trends, policy and legislation.
  • To foster bilateral & multilateral research & technology development platforms.
  • Best utilization of funds
  • Foster collaboration & partnership at the National & International levels.
  • Collective attainment of SDG Goals.